YJC 友善旅行香氛

■ 品牌名稱


■ 執行內容


■ 品牌核心意義

Your Journey Collection. 你的旅程收藏


■ 品牌方向定位



■ 品牌設計概念

品牌識別標誌 Y.J.C 的字母「C」是環遊的地球、是圓形蠟燭杯俯瞰的視覺概念。

輔助圖像設計採用來自飛機上橢圓的窗型,空中景色是一望無際的藍天白雲,也因此將藍色與白色作為品牌代表色彩。 品牌歷經Covid-19疫情期間誕生,延展出「旅行機票」的宣傳物平面設計,讓原本就定義好的概念之下,更賦予產品與消費者間的連結與樂趣,創意出「不能外出旅行,就帶著機票與YJC環遊世界,享受生活的氣息吧!」

■ 使用元素


■ Description

Your Journey Collection.

The brand founder with the flight attendant background pictures her experiences during the journey. Describing scenes and stories she saw and heard. Sharing the beauty of people and culture, the air and the soil she met from all over the world. The customs of different countries and cities are transformed into the scent of memories. Through the aroma of candles, redefines the meaning of travel.

The letter "C" of the brand logo Y.J.C represents the globe that travels around and also the vision of a round candle cup overlooking. The supporting graphic is from the elliptical window on the airplane. The view looking out from the window is the endless blue sky and clean white clouds. Therefore, blue and white are used as the brand colors.

The brand was built during the Covid-19 pandemic, therefore extending the design idea to the "travel ticket." Besides the original concept, it gives another meaning of the connection between the product and the consumer and creates the idea that "You cannot travel. Then, just take your flight ticket and YJC traveling around the world. Enjoy the atmosphere of life!"

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